Hemp SuperDense Khaki Cloth

Hemp SuperDense Khaki Cloth
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Hemp SuperDense Khaki Cloth Hemp SuperDense Khaki Cloth

Natural superdense hemp cloth! Hemp cloth with density of 600 g/m is very rare, it ideal for sewing outerwear: winter jacket woth heater or demi-season jacket. Particularly suitable for sewing clothes for winter sports, overalls for hunting and fishing, ski clothes. Hemp cloth of high density protects you from strong wind very well, does not bleach at low temperatures, poorly absorbs moisture, when in contact with water, hemp cloth only grow stronger, does not rot, necessarily retains the temperature at which it was worn, natural hemp cloth breathes like natural fur! Will provide you with comfort under the most uncomfortable conditions! Forf thermal underwear we recommend natural knotted cloth and warm socks made from hemp cloth. It was used for sewing robust cloth, sails, ropes, tents, screeds from acient times - it is real find for those who understand!

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